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Sara’s notes – May 2018

As I sit here writing this it is hard to believe that Easter has been here and gone and spring hasn’t really sprung yet.  Hopefully by the time this month’s (May) newsletter is in your hands we will be able to see some spring flowers.  This is the month of confirmation but it is also the month in which we observe Mother’s Day.  We have a lot of mothers in our congregation from the quite young to some of us oldsters who are not only mothers but grandmas,  great and great great grandmothers.  I hope that all you moms, grandmas,[Continue Reading]

Sara’s notes – April 2018

If winter comes, can spring be far away?  We have heard that or something like it all our lives and it seems to be true.  Here in Iowa spring sometimes fools us with a false security of it’s coming by giving us a little hint of it.  That seems to have been happening lately.  Will we have snow, rain or sunshine? Will it be 30 degrees or 60 degrees?  You have to admit, living in Iowa we should be acclimated to such goings on but being human we always have expectations and they often come into fruition. I KNOW spring[Continue Reading]

Sara’s notes – March 2018

                 One of my e-mail buddies sent me something interesting recently.  It was in a format that wasn’t going to print easily so I checked with Mr. Google and it turned out to be of more interest than originally thought.  I learned that the two didn’t totally agree, that is, they had some of the same words and some different.  They are all worth sharing. I reached the pinnacle of success in the business world. In others’ eyes, my life is an epitome of success.  — However, aside from work, I have little joy. In the end, wealth is only a[Continue Reading]

Sara’s notes – February 2018

I can’t believe that I am writing about Lent and Easter in February. That is one of our holidays that keeps we lay people guessing or wondering. The date of Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent and thus the culmination of the Lenten Season on Easter, are not the same from year to year.  Being neither a scientist nor a theologian I have never really figured it out but simply rely on the calendar. However, I did run across what seems to be the simplest explanation for determining the season’s dates each year – “western Christians celebrate Easter on the[Continue Reading]

Sara’s notes – January 2018

As I write this most of us are still anticipating Christmas and finalizing our shopping, house cleaning and food planning.  If you are like me you are anticipating times with family and Christmas Eve services.  By the time you are reading this it will all have taken place. Mine is a BIG family and I have been invited to five different parties or celebrations. It will be hard to decline any as I do want to be with my “kids” as much as possible but may have to make some choices. At my rapidly advancing age it is overwhelming to[Continue Reading]

Sara’s notes – December 2017

Sara's notes - December 2017

On December 3rd we will begin 2017’s Advent in preparation for Christmas. That day will be the annual Hanging of the Greens service and the lighting of the first blue candle on our Advent wreath. We will light those four candles with anticipation of lighting that final tall Christ Candle on Christmas Eve. Each Advent candle has a special meaning. They are HOPE, PEACE, JOY & LOVE. Hope. We always have hope in our hearts for better things – better things and times not only for ourselves but all of God’s people throughout the world. Because we have hope we[Continue Reading]

Sara’s notes – November 2017

If you are like me you have been concerned about all the bad things that seem to have been going on in our country, our world as of late.  We wonder why nature has seemed to be so cruel with the hurricanes causing deaths, injuries and damages to property and displacements of people, especially in Puerto Rico.  Why the earthquakes and the wild fires causing destruction to people and property?  Why the upheavals around the world with people doing evil against others?  Why are there so many political disagreements and tongue clashes?  Why are countries threatening evil against others, seemingly[Continue Reading]

Sara’s notes October 2017

Sara's notes October 2017

RALLY SUNDAY – SEPTEMBER 17, 2017             When I read today’s first  lesson (Genesis 50:15-21) I was reminded of a rift in my Dad’s family after the death of my Grandma. It was a sad thing and years before any healing (tho’ not all) took place. For that generation it was never complete. Thankfully, the cousins have not continued that situation and though into fourth removed generations living around the country, that rift no longer exists.             `I read recently about the Massachusetts woman who won the huge power ball lottery. The article mentioned a daughter from whom she had[Continue Reading]

Sara’s notes – September 2017

There was a dinner held at a rural church and prior to the meal the Pastor asked one of the local farmers to give the prayer.  The farmer rose to oblige and prayed – “Heavenly Father – I hate buttermilk; I hate lard; I hate raw white flour – but mix together, bake ’em – I do love fresh warm biscuits. “, (At this point the pastor wondered momentarily about his choice.) The farmer continued – “So Lord, when things come up we don’t like; when life gets hard; when we just don’t understand what you are sayin’ to us,[Continue Reading]

Sara’s notes – August 2017

Most of us have heard of it and many used it – the phrase “Murphy’s Law” which loosely means if anything can go wrong it will. I have thought this was an old, old saying as it seems I had heard most of my life.  However one source says it goes back to the 1950’s and referred to a “bungling sailor”.  However true that  may be, for about a month I felt Murphy’s Law had taken over my life. ‘Twas the middle of June and my grandson and I agreed that my computer was “filled up” and adding an auxiliary[Continue Reading]