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The purpose of this meeting is for the election and re-election of church Council members.


President                                   Russ Gerke – 1 year

Vice-president                          Dennis Loll– 1 year

Secretary                                    Susan Tutten – 1 year

Treasurer                                    Bob Frits – 1 year

Education                                   Scott Decker – 1 year remaining

Stewardship                              Joe Solem – 1 year remaining

Evangelism                                VACANT

Worship & Music                     Virgil Olson – 1 year remaining

Plant &  Property                      Alan Hancock– 1 year remaining

Shelley Wauters – 2 years

There will be an additional item of business—replacement of the carpet in the entire upper level of our church building including the church offices.  The current carpet is 20 years old and signs of aging are visible.  Following extensive research, it has been decided to replace the same with 2’ x 2’ carpet squares.  These squares have the advantage of being easy to replace as one or more become soiled or damaged.  The approximate costs are as follows:

Vendor Chuck Woodworth to remove the old carpet and dispose of same.  This company will also engage in asbestos abatement where necessary and as required by State of Iowa code.  This cost is $7,000.00.

The vendor chosen to furnish and install the carpet is Ralph N. Smith, Inc. at a quoted price of $17,635.00.

At the Congregational meeting, members will be requested to grant approval for this improvement.  The congregation will be receiving a bequest from the estate of long time member, Verl McDaniel which will be utilized to defray the expense of this project.  An additional gift was received from Al and Jackie Meadows, designated for the purpose of installation of new carpet.

Members are invited to help with these expenses by offering to donate a monetary gift.  You may do so by indicating your willingness to pay for one or more 2’ x 2’ carpet squares at a cost of $20.00 each.  You may use the enclosed response sheet and envelope for your gift.  It is estimated that this project will be completed toward the end of July.



I/We will donate _________ 2′ x 2′ carpet squares at a cost of $20.00 a square.

Thank you for your gift for this much needed church project.

Name(s) ________________________________________________