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Pastor’s message – June 2018

As we enter into Summer, we consider this as a season of growth, life and abundance.  The long hours of sunshine and the peak of the growing season throughout North America allow us to focus on the beautiful side of Summer.  But let us not forget those who may have a more difficult time as Summer can bring extreme heat, wildfires and tornadoes.

The gospel readings for the early weeks of Summer share stories from the beginning of Jesus’ ministry.

Later in the Gospel of Mark, Jesus will predict his own suffering and death, but in these chapters, the reader is still getting to know him through his teachings.  There are miracle stories and parables, and there is also conflict with the Pharisees and with Jesus’ own family.  Many of the passages from Mark are familiar and have parallels in Matthew or Luke.

Think of the Summer scripture readings as opportunity to further deepen our faith and to become more familiar with the teachings of Jesus.

Pastor Chet