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Notes from Sara – October 2019

​I have an e-mail friend whom I met on mission trips to Jamaica a number of years ago. Every once in a while she sends me a “gem”. I received some recently. No author is given for these latest words which I felt compelled to share. Once all villagers decided to pray for rain. On the day of the prayer all the people gathered but only one came with an umbrella. THAT’S FAITH! ​When you throw babies in the air they laugh because they know you will catch them. THAT’S TRUST! ​Every night we go to bed without any assurance of being alive the[Continue Reading]

Notes from Sara – September 2019

Where did summer go? It took it so long to get here and now it is fading away.  But — This givesus the opportunity to “get back into the swing of things”.  There will be a lot going on at LCGS and we hope and trust that we will have a fuller house at our services. On September 8th we’ll start off with a meet and greet a candidate for a new pastor between the 8:00 and 10:30 services. We trust that we will have many members there at 9:30 to meet him.  This is also Pastor Miller’s last day with us so would like[Continue Reading]

Sara’s Notes – August 2019

     As I write this we here in Des Moines and elsewhere in Iowa are looking forward to the State Fair. Higher temps are always anticipated for those days. But forecast to currently come in next few days is high heat with a possible high temp here in Des Moines of 102 degrees.   Wow! A newscast reported the last time Iowa temps hit that high was the summer of 1936.  Would you believe? I remember!  I don’t recall anyone, regardless of income, having even one fan in their homes. ​     I am going to assume, perhaps in[Continue Reading]

Sara’s notes – July 2019

We waited so long for summer and suddenly it is well into the season. July 4th, Independence Day, comes on a Thursday this year so I would hazard a guess that some businesses may not be open on Friday or many will take it as a vacation day so they can have a four day weekend. Summer attendance at church services has been rather scant but it may really show on that weekend.  At our services we will probably remember the day of our country’s independence and sing some appropriate songs.  Many of us will celebrate by going on picnics,[Continue Reading]

Sara’s notes – June 2019

“Dear old Dad, remember when you would sing to me. We could do it again. Dear old Dad, remember how I would sit on your shoulders, well how about it now? Dear old Dad, I was wondering why, as I get older now, the days keep going on by. Dear old Dad remember this too, in this whole wide world there’s no one like you – There’s no one like you.” This is an old song I found and don’t know who to attribute it to but it does bring memories of times with our Dads. You can put your[Continue Reading]

Sara’s notes – May 2019

“M is for the many things she gave me. O means only that she’s growing old. T is for the tears she shed to save me. H is for her heart of purest gold. E is for the eyes with lovelight shining. R means right and right she’ll always be. Put them all together, they spell Mother, A word that means the world to me.” Those are words to a song written in 1915 and if you are of my generation (perhaps the one to follow) you may have heard them. I remember singing them as part of the program for[Continue Reading]

Sara’s Notes – April 2019

With Easter coming later in April this year we all have hopes of its being a warm, sunshiny day. I remember some Easters past when the weather was quite nice.  One year at the “sunrise” service instead of meandering in as was our habit we were met and held outside until almost time to begin and then we were instructed to say at the top of voices, “Christ is risen! Christ is risen, indeed! Hallelujah!   Then the doors were opened and we proceeded to the sanctuary without loitering. When gathered we were again greeted from the altar area, “Christ is[Continue Reading]

Sara’s Notes – March 2019

I have the feeling there are a number of people like me who are staying inside in warmth and comfort as we watch it snow. It seems this year has been one that is more “typical” of Iowa winters but that doesn’t mean we like it. The driving conditions have been hard on many people, especially those who mustmake an effort to get to their jobs regardless of the conditions – hospital workers, doctors’ offices, police, firemen, streets clearing people, communications personnel and even grocery store employees.  My parka hood is off to those hardy folk.  I have a granddaughter who[Continue Reading]

Sara’s Notes – February 2019

His Majesty’s ship Good Shepherd is without a Captain who has taken a well earned retirement. But that Captain left a trained crew that is capable of keeping the Good Shepherd afloat until the person can be chosen to guide her through calm and troubled seas. It is usually the First Mate who takes over when a replacement Captain has yet to be assigned to a vessel but in the case of the Good Shepherd there are many capable persons who have been and will continue to work together. She will continue to sail with that well-trained crew. All activities will[Continue Reading]

Sara’s Notes – January 2019

Now is the time when we must say goodbye.  Why do those words come to me at this time? Well, at the end of this month we will be telling Pastor Chet goodbye as our Pastor but I’d rather say “So long for now”. It doesn’t seem 22 years ago that Pastor Chet and Cheryl and their girls came to visit and he to give us a “sample” of his preaching. I don’t remember one word of that sermon or anything about the church service.  What I do remember is this bearded, dark skinned, smiling, enthusiastic person with an accent we[Continue Reading]