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A Few More Details About Calling a Pastor

The vote for calling a pastor is by written ballot. At least two-thirds of the Voting Members present and voting must vote in favor of the call for a Letter of Call to be issued.

The vote is on both the call to the pastor and the compensation package. It is a vote to call the candidate at a given compensation level. Some basic responsibilities for the congregation and the pastor are also included in the letter of call.

If the congregation votes to approve the call, the Letter of Call is sent to the Office of the Bishop for attestation. It is then forwarded to the candidate. In the Southeastern Iowa Synod, the candidate has 15 days to accept or reject the call after receipt.

According to your constitution, 10 percent of Voting Members are needed to hold a valid Congregational meeting. Voting Members are confirmed members who have communed and contributed in the current or previous calendar year.

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